Established 1994

5080 Hickory Flat HWY, Canton, GA 30115, US

(678) 880-8783

Donley's Music

Serving North Georgia for over 24 years


Standard Plan

30 minute Private Instruction- $105 monthly/student

Family Plan

 30 minute Private Instruction- $102.50 monthly/student

Have more than one student enrolled in lessons at Donley's? Our Family Plan helps save you a few dollars on your fuel bill!

Semi- Private Plan

30 minute Semi Private Instruction- $157.50 monthly

Enroll two students in a group lesson, and save! A  great introduction to the music lesson process for a pair of siblings, significant others, or best friends looking to learn an instrument together. This is a 30 minute lessons with and instructor and BOTH students at the same time.

ALL LESSON FEES ARE DUE BY THE 15th OF THE MONTH! A late fee will be charged if payment is not received on time.

Get 50% off your first month of lessons!!



Standard Restring (Acoustic/Electric): $10 plus the cost of strings

Nylon & 12 String: $15 plus the cost of strings


Standard Set-Up: $50



-Fret Polish

-Fretboard Conditioning

-Neck Adjustment


(Price INCLUDES Strings)

Floyd Roase Set-Up: $75



-Fret Polish

-Fret Board Conditioning

-Neck Adjustment

-Complete Floyd Roase Adjustment

(Price INCLUDES Strings)

We offer FREE estamates and quick turn around on all repairs

FREE set of strings, restring, and set-up!